Longevity & Aging Interview: FOXO’s Dr. Brian Chen with Dr. Steve Horvath

By Aisha Branch, September 21, 2022

Dr. Steve Horvath is an epigenetic and aging scientist and a leader in the longevity field. Horvath is also a Professor of Human Genetics and Biostatistics at UCLA!

In this interview, Dr. Steve Horvath and our very own Dr. Brian Chen discuss Horvath’s 29 papers in the epigenetic space. They comprehensively discuss each paper and the implications of this research.

Chen and Horvath also cover the relevance of epigenetic and biological clocks, just like the one we use here at FOXO! These clocks uncover the hidden patterns in our epigenetic code. Horvath mentions, “by keeping tracking of these aging patterns, one can develop very accurate estimators of age and mortality.”

Check out this interview to become an expert on Horvath’s contributions to epigenetics and longevity!

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