Why combine life insurance with a longevity product?

By Kiran Kumar, June 23, 2022

For years, life insurance has been sold as a protection product in case you were to suddenly pass away, with little to no benefit to you while you’re living.

At FOXO, we want to give you access to more. We desire to provide personalized products that empower you to live better, longer while planning for the future. That is why FOXO is combining life insurance with the first-ever Longevity Report™, based on the science of epigenetics.

Bringing longevity to life insurance: The science of epigenetics

Your cells contain clues about how your lifestyle and environment are impacting your health and longevity. As we age, our cells experience changes in their structure and function. These changes are influenced by a broad combination of factors, including your genes, habits, and environment.

Unlike genes, which are inherited from your parents and fixed at birth, the epigenome is dynamic and can change over time. Your lifestyle choices like diet and exercise, as well as environmental factors like air pollution and sun exposure, all have compounding effects on your lifespan.

The science of epigenetics paired with advanced machine learning provides us with a snapshot of your internal, biological age. Using epigenetic technology, we empower you with insights into your overall health and rate of aging.

As part of our mission to help people live better, longer; with every insurance policy we provide you with a Longevity Report™ that delivers wellness insights, success strategies, and uncovers your true, biological age. These insights can help to optimize your healthspan, enjoy more moments with the people you love, and cement your future legacy.

The FOXO promise: Your Data, Your Future

We believe data transparency and accessibility are a must. Your epigenetic data is encrypted, de-identified, and accessible to you. We tell you where your data is and how it’s used.

At FOXO, we believe every individual deserves access to more. We want to equip you with revolutionary insights into wellness along with trusted protection so that you can make the most of every moment while you plan for the future. We call this building a living legacy.

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