We deliver the first life insurance policy with a Longevity Report™.

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Assurity Life Insurance Company is rated A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company, the insurance industry’s leading independent evaluator. A- (Excellent) is the 4th highest of 15 ratings for financial strength by A.M. Best Company.

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Get a personalized Longevity Report™

We offer the first life insurance policy with a personalized longevity report™. We use the science of epigenetics to deliver a detailed analysis of your biological age, and your epigenetic wellness status across four key categories.

Discover your epigenetic wellness status across four key categories.

Metabolic Score
On Track
Cardiovascular Score
Needs Work
Inflammation Score
Needs Work
Indulgence Score
On Track
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Discover your biological age.

Lifestyle choices like diet and sleep, as well as environmental factors like air pollution and sun exposure, all impact how you age. We’ll give you an accurate snapshot of your biological age compared to your chronological age.

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*The information obtained from your saliva sample is used to generate your Longevity Report™ and will not be used for underwriting purposes. It will have no impact on your eligibility for Assurity® insurance policy.

It's your data

We believe data transparency and accessibility is a must. Your epigenetic data is encrypted, de-identified, and accessible to you. We tell you where your data is and how it’s used. You decide how to share it.