If your cells could talk what would they say?

Your cells contain clues about how your lifestyle and environment are impacting your health and longevity. As we age, our cells experience changes in their structure and function. These changes are influenced by a broad combination of factors, including your genes, habits, and environment.

Genes play a role in aging, but they’re not your destiny.

Unlike genes, which are inherited from your parents and fixed at birth, the epigenome is dynamic and can change over time. Your lifestyle choices like diet and exercise, as well as environmental factors like air pollution and sun exposure, all have compounding effects on your lifespan.

our science

Epigenetics is the expression of your genes.

Changing, modifiable, adapting, and reacting
Associated with age-related decline, and disease states
Impacted by tobacco, alcohol, drugs of abuse, diet, exercise, stress, and environmental factors
What we're doing

We're turning back the clock with epigenetics.

Epigenetic clocks paired with advanced machine learning provide us with a snapshot of your internal, biological age. Using epigenetic technology, we empower you with insights into your overall health and rate of aging.

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our purpose

The promise of healthy aging.

Simple behavioral and lifestyle changes can help to optimize your healthspan so that you can enjoy more moments with the people you love and cement your future legacy.

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Transforming the future of research.

We founded FOXO LABS to advance scientific discoveries in the fields of health and aging. Our scientists participate in research and clinical trials with world-class institutes to revolutionize advancements in human lifespan.

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